Tax Review service

The purpose of a business tax review is to identify any potential errors or omissions in the company’s tax reporting and to address any issues before they become major problems. This can help the company avoid penalties, fines, and other negative consequences that can arise from noncompliance with tax laws.

Professional staff of BNK has the skills and experience to prepare independent business tax reviews. We examination of a company’s financial records and tax returns to ensure that they are in compliance with all relevant tax laws and regulations.

During a business tax review, our professional team will :

  1. Analyze financial records and tax returns to identify any errors or discrepancies
  2. Review the company’s tax planning strategies to identify areas where the company can reduce its tax liability legally
  3. Verify that all tax returns have been filed correctly and on time
  4. Ensure that the company has properly accounted for all tax deductions and credits
  5. Review the company’s compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Based on the results of the review, the company may need to :

  • make adjustments to its financial records or tax returns
  • implement new tax planning strategies, or
  • take other corrective actions to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations.

Staff profesional Firma kami memiliki keterampilan dan pengalaman dalam melakukan telaah perpajakan yang secara independen berdasarkan diagnosis pemeriksaan buku dan catatan klien. Kami memastikan jika semua aturan dan peraturan telah dipatuhi dan mencari tambahan cara menghemat beban pajak perusahaan.

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